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Trip and T'Pol are stuck together in a mud pit. A rather strange conversation ensues.

TnT, and this story is mostly dialogue, except near the end.

May 8, 2151

“I can't believe we're stuck here—”

“The fact is that we are. I suggest staying in one location, Lieutenant Commander, to facilitate our rescue.”

“This damn stuff is squishy and cold. I'm tryin' to keep warm.”

“May I point out that you are only succeeding in acquiring more mud on your uniform in the process?”

“Pacing helps me think sometimes.”

“So I have seen Lieutenant Commander Archer and Doctor Reed do as well. It releases their nervous energy, but I as I recall, Captain Sato described the habit as 'quite annoying'.”

“That's because Jon and Malcolm keep gettin' into the corner of her eye and disruptin' her thinkin'. That's why I'm over here on the other side of this pit and you're over there.”

“You are 'disruptin' my thinkin'.”

“I though you could block out distractions when you meditate.”

“Most distractions are not this...vocal.”

“Sorry...slowin' down and shuttin' up.”

“There is no reason for apology. 'The cause was sufficient'.”

“You know that's gotta be a first. Quotin' Surak from the bottom of a mud pit.”

“His logic is applicable in all sorts of situations, Lieutenant Commander.”

“It's 'Trip', remember?”

“We are still on an official Away Team mission--”

“--which kinda went haywire the moment it started rainin'. Wish we'd known this dirt was pretty unstable.”

“It was your suggestion to climb to higher ground, which was sound reasoning. You could not have known that any movement would precipitate our fall.”

“Yeah...lucky this stuff gets soft real quickly, or we'd be nursin' a broken arm or a broken leg.”

“Yes, quite fortunate. It is also logical to assume that Enterprise will mount a rescue mission as soon as they realize our situation.”

“Travis doesn't mind diggin' into the dirt, and I bet Malcolm'll rant and rave about us nearly gettin' ourselves killed again.”

“We were not at fault for the previous incident--”

“Doesn't matter. Malcolm always finds somethin' to blow steam about. That's okay; better he get it all out of his system that way than other ways that could be bad for him.”

“Your observation of the doctor is surprising accurate, considering your short acquaintance with him so far.”

“I watch people, even if it doesn't look like I'm watchin'. It's part of my job.”

“Indeed. You would not be an effective as an Armory Officer if you did not.”

“Yeah..wait. Did you just pay me a compliment?”

“That was an observation.”

“Sure it was. I'll take it as a compliment. Ugh. Just me, or did I just feel another drop of rain?”

“The storm clouds have moved farther up the coast. Perhaps it is a figment of your imagination.”

“I dunno. That sure as hell felt like a raindrop. Last thing we need is this mud pit floodin' with us in it.”

“Indeed. That would be unfortunate.”

“This has gotta be more uncomfortable for you than it is for me. I mean, it doesn't rain enough on Vulcan to make the sand into mud.”

“I have had to adapt to various planetary climates, Lieutenant Commander.”

“It's Trip. It's still not good for either of us to be in here for a long period of time. These aren't the mud baths of Ivita Prime.”

“The mud baths are rather relaxing and stimulating, not to mention more hygenic.”

“Yeah, they put all sorts of natural gels and powders and...wait. You've been there? At the mud spas?”

“The Ivitans shared their ship technology with Vulcan while I was with the Ship and Space Operations Ministry. It was only logical that we partake of their hospitality while we were there. It would not be in our political interest not to do so.”

“Logical, of course. And they say Vulcans aren't vain?”

“Vulcans prefer to ensure they have a neat and clean appearance, especially when visiting a potential ally. The hydrating effects of the mud baths are satisfactory.”

“Have you tried the Ylsandran green algae one? Or maybe the Kitaaran rose crystal special?”

“No. I believe those are exclusively part of the package for newly bonded couples.”

“Just checkin'. Heard those two particular ones were pretty potent.”

“Yes, for their...bonding properties. Again, considering their purpose, it is truly prudent to limit the availablity of those particular varieties.”

“I heard a rumor that Orion pheromones are part of the ingredient list...”

“Another logical reason to limit its public consumption.”

“Yeah, I'd hate to see somethin' like that runnin' rampant on the ship or on a planet. Talk about a love bomb.”

“It would be an effective weapon, Lieutenant Commander.”

“How many times do I have to tell you, it's 'Trip'. Dammit, that was a raindrop.”

“'Love bomb'. An...interesting description of that hypothetical situation.”

“I guess Vulcans don't have to worry about that sorta thing botherin' them much.”

“Vulcans are betrothed as children and everything is arranged by the elders. Such rampant outbreak of emotion is...unheard of.”

“Uh-huh. I'm sure. I still can't believe your fiance and his family put you in the middle of such a mess.”

“Loyalty to one's clan is bred from an early age...Trip. My position is unique that Soultek and Koss believe me completely loyal to their cause.”

“I really don't like the tone of those latest subspace letters they sent you, T'Pol. They're...condescending.”

“Soultek and Koss follow the traditional ways and the traditional family structure.”

“I thought Vulcan was a matriarchal society.”

“Ancient Vulcan was a matriarchal society, yes.”

“Ah. I've read some historical accounts of that time of your history. Warrior queens and generals dealin' out life and death. Some were even more enthusiastic about war than the men.”

“My clan can be traced back to that time. My ancestress was a valued adviser to the Matriarch T'Raeva. When the Matriarch put down her arms in accordance with Surak's edicts, the clan turned from makin war to fostering peace.”

“Wow. So that kinda things runs in the family. Pretty impressive.”

“Koss's family can also be traced back to those times, to a warrior clan based in Shi'Kahr. They fought bravely in many battles, but were nearly extinguished in clan rivalry.”

“Nearly? What happened?”

“Surak's cousin took in a wounded General Lukek and nursed him back to health, much to the general's loud protests--”

“Hm. That runs in the family too?”

“I will disregard that inquiry. In any case, Lukek survived the last assault on his clan's stronghold. He met Surak and agreed to join his cause, in exchange for the chance to rebuild the clan once more. Lukek was successful; Soultek and Koss are from his direct line.”

“So...that's why your mother considers Koss to be a good match for you?”

“Logically speaking, it is a enviable match. Two ancient Vulcan houses joined and strengthened in marriage.”


“Humans do not arrange marriages in this way. It may be difficult for you to comprehend this matter.”

“You'd be surprised. There were times in history when Humans arranged marriages for financial or social gain. Ask Malcolm about a period of time called the Victorian Age in England, or Hoshi about the Age of the Samurai. It still happens on Earth even in these days, T'Pol. They believed they were practical and logical in that too. Sometimes, it didn't work out as well as they thought.”

“But you do not believe in this practice.”

“Personally, no. Then again, my parents found each other without having anyone match 'em up. They're still married over forty years later. They get along pretty well, although they still have their differences. Wasn't it Surak who also said, 'I rejoice in our differences'?”

“Indeed, and I believe you also have a quote for this instance: 'Opposites attract'.”

“Yeah, that's true.”

“And no one in your family inquires about why you haven't bonded yet?”

“Nope. None of their business, anyway. I figure when the time's right, I'll know.”

“How would you 'know when the time's right'?”

“I dunno. I just will. And it hasn't happened yet. I'm takin' my time.”

“Humans have shorter life spans than Vulcans--”

“So? Doesn't mean that everyone has to get married as soon as possible. I guess a hundred years is still a short time for Vulcans, but that's plenty of time.”

“I suppose your approach has a...sense of logic to it.”

“Sometimes logic isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's good in certain things, but not everything. Humans rely on their 'gut instinct' too. Call in intuition, sixth sense, whatever.”

“I know that some Humans possess extrasensory perception to an extreme degree.”

“Like Malcolm? The potential's there in Humans, but most times it isn't accessible. Although hangin' around you Vulcans might've given Malcolm a bit of a nudge.”


“You know, you never really told me the story of how Malcolm met you and your mom.”

“I was only a peripheral character in that particular story, Trip. It is not mine to tell, but Malcolm's.”

“I'll ask him, then.”

“It is not an easy tale for him to tell.”

“I got that impression. Don't worry, T'Pol, I can be discreet.”

“Please do. He is a very private person.”

“Yeah, I got that. The cap'n can be a pretty private person herself. There're some things that she's never told me, and we've known each other for years.”

“You served on the Madagascar together, correct?”

“Yeah. I've known her about six years. Three on the Madagascar, three from the Old Cape Caneveral station in Florida.”

“Florida... your home state.”

“It's pretty warm down there, though I guess you'd find it a bit cool. Ah, crap, it's startin' to rain again. Great, just what we needed.”

“I assume that was sarcasm and not meant seriously.”

“You're learnin', T'Pol.”

“I have had ample opportunity to observe the crew's social behavior, and discuss such issues with Commander Phlox and Kov.”

“Kov's pretty perceptive about Humans...for a Vulcan Healer. I'm glad he's able to help you understand what makes us tick.”

“We do not see many things eye to eye...but I am trying to understand him.”

“Take it one step at a time; that's all you can do. Ugh. If Enterprise doesn't get to us soon, we're gonna be treading water in about fifteen minutes. This pit's fillin' up quickly. T'Pol, you think you can pull yourself up a little higher here?”

“I believe I can...this rock is embedded solidly in the wall, but it is only a matter of time before the soil around it becomes soft enough for it to fall.”

“This other side's useless; I can't get a handhold or a foothold anywhere.”

“Try to stay on this side of the pit, Trip...wait, do you hear that?”

“Hear what? I can't hear anything over this pourin' rain!”

“It is...barking.”

“Barkin'? As in a dog? Is that Porthos?”

“Yes! I see him at the edge of the pit, right above your head--”

“Trip! T'Pol! You two all right?”

“We're okay, Jon, but you mind gettin' us out of the mud? This stuff's muckier than mucky muck.”

“Hang tight, you two. Travis and Phlox are coming with a rope and a couple of harnesses. We'll get you out of there. Porthos took off like a shot once he figured out where you were. I just followed him. It was like he had some sort of sixth sense of where you were.”

“That was quite...perceptive of him, Lieutenant Commander Archer.”

“Hey, Travis, get T'Pol out of here first! Vulcans don't do well in subtropical mud pits.”

“Trip, I am unharmed--”

“Uh-uh. No backtalk. I outrank you, so you're goin' first.”

“Trip? I'm going to throw the first harness...get it secured around Lieutenant T'Pol, then give the rope a tug when you're ready.”

“Got it, Commander Mayweather. Uh, sorry, T'Pol. Didn't mean to jostle you there in that particular spot--”

“The cause was sufficient, Trip. You need not be concerned about my modesty.”

“ hang on tight. All right, Travis...haul her up!”

As Jon Archer and Travis Mayweather pulled T'Pol out of the mud pit,Trip kept his gaze locked on hers. Her face was placid, but her eyes reflected her worry and concern. He gave her a reassuring smile, even as the water swirled around his hips.The level was rising faster than he expected.

“Okay, Trip, your turn!” Jon shouted, as Travis took the harness of T'Pol and threw it back into the pit.

He secured it around himself, then pulled on the rope. As he was hauled out of the muddy water, he caught a glimpse of T'Pol as she picked up Porthos and held him.The beagle didn't struggle against her at all; Porthos snuggled closer to her to take advantage of her higher body temperature. Trip fought a smile at the odd sight.

The apprehension in her eyes faded as he finally made it to safety. He gave her a nod, which she returned. As he mentally went over their unusual conversation, he wondered if there would ever be another time when he could discuss such topics with such honesty.

There would be another time. After all, considering they served on the same ship, it was only logical.


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