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Story #3 in the AU Switcheroo Series. Occurs a couple of days after "Musica" in time for Valentine's Day.
The Enterprise crew makes an important First Contact with the Betazoids from Betazed. It's a learning experience for everyone involved...and sometimes actions speak more than thoughts. Kov, T'Pol and Phlox trade cultural insights, while Hoshi has an unusual conversation.
Chapter One )

Notes: The E Crew meet Saphia Daro and just why was Malcolm contacted? You find an important clue to how T'Pol met Malcolm in this AU.

Chapter Two )
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Some of the Betazoid customs were shown on TNG and mentioned on Memory Alpha. And Kerr Castle does exist...their spiraling staircases run counterclockwise so any (right-handed) invader would be hindered in using their swords in combat, while the (left-handed) defender had no problem.

T'Pol runs into trouble during the First Contact dinner on the Betazoid consular ship. Is there more going on than she and Malcolm are aware of? And how will that affect the rest of the diplomatic mission?

Vulcan: T'Sai is a formal address, equivalent to "Lady". "O-Hakausu" is literally "Honorable Healer. 

Chapter Three )

Strange things are happening to some of the Enterprise crew. Trip finds out more about Major Tam, the Betazoid Security chief. T'Pol has difficulty meditating. Malcolm re-experiences a frightening experience from his past, but how will it affect his present? And what does Hoshi have to do with it?

Part of this chapter skates closer to an "R" rating. You've been warned.

Chapter Four )
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A family picnic is marred by a psychic attack. But who's behind it?

You will find out how Admiral Forrest, Hoshi, and Trip are connected. All Vulcan words and expressions are from the Vulcan Language Database and the Vulcan Language Institute.


Chapter Five )

Travis gets into trouble, but he taps into his "helmsman" persona to get himself out of a jam. Trip relates the Madagascar's battle with the Akrarians (and there's a TnT moment). Jon channels his "captain" persona as he takes charge. T'Pol consults with an old friend.


Chapter Six )
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Jon uses his skills as a diplomat to find crucial information. T'Pol enlists the help of her crew and the Betazoids to find the person responsible for the psychic attacks...and it's someone she wasn't expecting to see.
More tantalizing hints to Malcolm's background in this AU.

Chapter Seven )

Travis and Phlox haven't been forgotten...they discover a crucial piece of information while on Enterprise

The poem mentioned in this chapter is one of mine, written years ago. I thought it fit the spirit of the scene. Hoshi's thoughts are all in turmoil after what she found out in the last chapter. Whom do you think Jon is referring to during his conversation with Saphia?

Chapter Eight )
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Kov has an encounter that shakes him to the core and makes him doubt his own integrity. Jon uses his oratory skills to sway the Great Houses. Hoshi and Malcolm clear the air between a way.

Chapter Nine )


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