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Updated 10/12/2011
includes current rewrites

Story Codes
MWBB=May the Wind be at Our Backs
MUS-= Musica
ET=Empathic Tendencies
TBE=The Batty Engineer
TLOE=The Logic of Emotion
DoA=Day of Atonement
DBMC= A Dog and A Bat Meet in a Corridor
LFH= Letters from Home
WHR=What Happens on Risa...
LAMP=Logic Applies in a Mud Pit
DNO=Do No Harm

Known First Names in parenthesis

Command Crew

Captain Hoshi Noriko Sato, CO 

Commander Travis Mayweather, First Officer and Science Officer

Commander Phlox, Chief Engineer

Lt. Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker, Armory Officer

Lt. Commander Jonathan Archer, Communications Officer, Resident Diplomat

Lt. T’Pol, Helm/Navigation Officer

[Commander, Medical Division] Dr. Malcolm Reed, Chief Medical Officer

Ensign Dougherty, MWBB
Ensign D'Agostino, MWBB

Ensign Dieter, alpha shift officer, WHI
Crewman Foster, MWBB
Crewman Ivanovich, MUS
Crewman Manetti, MUS
Crewman Mason (Christine), MWBB
Lieutenant Trace (Bryan) relief Armory officer on the Bridge MWBB 
Ensign Welsh, MWBB

Ensign Rheinstein, alpha shift officer, WHI
Ensign Murdo, relief Beta Bridge officer MWBB
Ensign Wales, Gamma Shift Chief, VER

Lieutenant Kelby (Richard) MUS, Lieutenant Commander, Engineering
Lieutenant Rostov (Michael) MUS, Crewman, Engineering
Crewman Holloway (got lost in the service tunnels, was rescued by Phlox’s bat) TBE
Lieutenant Hess (Anna) MUS
Chief Petty Officer Raymer (Grant), Transporter Chief. MWBB
Crewman Reitman, MUS

Crewman Roderigo, DBMC
Lieutenant Varianis (Ellen) Astronomy, Gamma/Alpha relief officer MWBB, MUS 
Ensign Yung (Rachel) Junior Geologist MWBB

Lieutenant Cutler (Elizabeth) MWBB, MUS 
Kov, specialist in Vulcan/exospecies medicine MWBB 
Crewman Payne, MUS

Chef CSE
Crewman Cunningham MUS

Cargo Bay Operations
Crewman Tesserby, MUS
Master Chief Dierna,(John) Quartermaster, MUS
Crewman Gray, MUS
Crewman Dwyer, MUS

Porthos (beagle, Jon Archer) MWBB
Pyrithian Bat (Phlox) TBE Phlox keeps it in his office in Engineering, but he has no other animals in his menagerie.


VSA=Vulcan Science Academy, Shi’Kahr, Vulcan
VMA=Vulcan Medical Academy, Shi’Kahr Vulcan
V'SHAR=Vulcan Security
VSSOM=Vulcan Space and Ship Operations Ministry 

Ambassador Soval MWBB, TLOE
Chief Minister V’Lar MWBB
Security Minister T’Pau MWBB
T’Saiya, Receptionist at Vulcan Embassy MWBB, TLOE
Skon, Soval’s assistant after Jon Archer leaves for Enterprise MWBB
Koss, T'Pol's betrothed, son of Soultek MWBB
Soultek, member of the Vulcan High Command, father of Koss MWBB
Kuvak, Minister in Vulcan Council, father of Kov, MWBB, Vulcan Minister

V’Krus, Commander of the destroyer S’tranek. MWBB

Mount Seleya
T'Lya, Senior Priestess of the temple of Mount Seleya on Vulcan, MWBB, ET

Vulcan Science Academy
Science Minister T’Les MWBB
T'Sien, Head of VSA, MWBB
Dr. T’Marui, Archaeologist, Vulcan Science Academy (deceased) MWBB

Vulcan Medical Academy
Dr. T’Vau, Head of the Vulcan Medical Academy MWBB
Dr. Stronek, Doctor, Malcolm’s replacement at the VMA MWBB
Kensar, Kov's fraternal twin brother, son of Kuvak, student at the VMA, MWBB
Svoren (elderly Vulcan in Malcolm’s care at the VMA) MWBB
T’Para (Svoren’s wife, deceased) MWBB
T’Rien (one of Malcolm’s patients at VMA after an accident w/an anti-grav car) MWBB
Selnek (one of Malcolm’s patients at VMA after his kahs-wan. 10 years old) MWBB
Srelak (one of Malcolm’s patients at VMA after an accident w/a greenhouse sprayer) MWBB
T’Pru and T’Praya (twin girls, Malcolm’s patients at VMA) MWBB
T'Yana, Kov's classmate at the VMA, was his bondmate, but engagement was broken after Kov joined the Beta Polaris Expedition, ET
Doctor V'Nes, new head of the Beta Polaris Expedition, LFH

Sysek, Security Officer MWBB
T'Rhis, Vulcan Security MWBB
Somek, Third Officer, Security detachment at Vulcan Consulate, San Francisco 2145, TLOE
T’Lydya, Major, Head of Vulcan Security, Vulcan Consulate, San Francisco, 2145 TLOE
Menos, Rogue Agent ET
Jossen, former student at the VMA, Kov's classmate ET

V'Tosh Ka'tur (formerly members of the Beta Polaris Expedition)
T’Yalle, Senior Archaeologist, VSA MWBB
T’Iliya, Senior Linguist, VSA MWWB
T’Lun Junior Geologist VSA MWWB
T’ Niura Senior Geologist, VSA MWBB
Sonak, Junior Archaeologist, VSA MWWB
Sevruk, Archaeologuist, VSA MWBB
Sworien, Archaeologist, VSA MWBB
Shoshek, Archeologist, VSA MWBB
T'Liet, Archeologist, VSA MWBB
T’Lyse, Exobiologist, VSA MWBB
T’Nu, Sociologist and Researcher, MWBB

Other Vulcansl
Spolak, Historian, made a version of a documentary about Pre-Surak history, Zhal-tor (Whispers) WHI
T'Nial, Historian, made a version of a documentary about Pre-Surak history, Zhal-tor (Whispers) WHI

Saphia Daro, Ambassador. Formal title is, “daughter of the Sixth House, holder of the Sacred Chalice of Dronia, and bearer of the cup of Prolesia." Wife of Doctor Keivan Adai. ET


Arkava, Memory Box Seller in the Marketplace, VER
Bhuda, Technician, VER
Harum Rh'vass, Doctor at the Altarran Medical Collegium, VER
K'yin, Armsman, VER
Lrada, Nurse at the Main Hospital, VER
Madarrah, Head Archivist, VER
Nanuch, Chief of Technology, VER
Pan'ras, Medical Resident, VER
P'lannara, former woodcarver, rebel leader, VER
Shakai, Technician, VER
S'Kal, High Consul, VER
Virax, Constable, VER

Feezal, Phlox's third wife TBE, LFH
Shae'la, Phlox's third grandmother, LFH

Klaang, captain of the Wah'boc, previously junior engineer in Interspecies Engineering Exchange. TBE, LFH

Starfleet Personnel
Captain Max Forrest Former captain of the Madagascar, (MWBB, ET), Admiral, SF Command (MWBB)

Ensign Bernhard Mueller, Armory Officer

Admiral Bronson, Head of SF Security, MWBB

Doctor Janeese Samirah, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, 2145 TLOE

Doctor Michiko Ayakamura, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, 2145 TLOE

Captain Carlos Ramirez, Head of Security, Vulcan Consulate, San Francisco, 2145 TLOE Married to Ana, daughter Isabella delivered by Dr. Malcolm Reed.

Corporal Lee Doumaides, Starfleet Security, Vulcan Consulate, San Francisco, 2145, also member of Terra Prime (deceased) TLOE

Admiral Alastair McGee, SF Command in 2145 TLOE

Sergeant Harry Breen, assigned to the Vulcan Consulate, San Francisco in 2145 (deceased) TLOE

Crew of Columbia NX-02
Captain Jeremiah Matthew Hayes, CO Columbia, NX-02. Former Captain of the Montana (MWBB, ET) Member of Starfleet Security/Section 31, LCDR and former first officer of the Shenandoah (TLOE) 

Commander J.T. Daniels, XO/Science Officer, Columbia, NX-02 MWBB. The “J.T.” stands for “John Thaddeus” 

Major Nathan Kemper, Starfleet Marines, Armory Officer, Columbia NX-02. (MWBB, MUS) Was a corporal assigned to the Vulcan Consulate, San Francisco, in 2145 (TLOE).

Doctor Rosie Arroyo, Chief Medical Officer, Columbia NX-02, MUS

Lieutenant Frederick Sean Hawkins, Armory Officer, Columbia NX-02. Nate Kemper’s second in command.

Dr. Elizando, Hoshi's advanced linguistics professor, headed an exchange group in Sura'Kahr for 3 months. MWBB
Chrosky, Captain---Made the First Contact with the Andorians. ET

NX-01 Crew Family Members
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Tucker, Trip's youngest sister TLOE, LFH
Charles Tucker, Jr. Trip's father TLOE
Alexandra Tucker Trip's older sister TLOE
Elaine Tucker, Trip's mother, TLOE
Edward 'Eddie' Tucker, Trip's younger brother, starship designer TLOE
(Jamie), British architect, Lizzie's boyfriend TLOE, LFH
Admiral Stuart Reed, Malcolm's father,works in Her Majesty's Defense Ministry MUS, TBE
Madeline "Maddie" Reed, Malcolm's older sister, a museum curator at the Tate in London, MUSRhianna Mayweather, Travis's mother, of the Horizon, LFH
Paul Mayweather, Travis's brother, captain of the Horizon, LFH

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